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Owned by: Shantred

Welcome to PetAdoptables!

Welcome to PA!

What Should I Do First?

Go to the Egg Drop to get your first free pet!

What should I do first? When you first join, you are given 2,500 ZC. The first thing you should do is create your human avatar, purchase some clothing, and buy some pets!

You can visit the Egg Drop and get a free pet once an hour!

Pet Basics

PA pets hatch from eggs, which conceals which "alt" or color is inside!

What are alts, you might ask? Below are the different alts for the Black Bear pet. 

You can browse all of the pets on the site and their alts by clicking "Color Almanac" under the "Forums & Site" tab!

Managing Your Pets

To manage and view your pets, hover over the "My Stuff" tab and click on "My Pets".

Welcome to your default room! This is where you can manage all of your pets. To manage your first pet, hover over its image. A pop-up with different options will appear. From here, you can see all of the options to manage your pet!

Pet Management Icons

 Click your pet.

View your pet stats within the past 24 hours.

 Get the BBCode or HTML code for your pet.

 Name or rename your pet and edit their description.

 Freeze or unfreeze your pet at their current stage. The pet will no longer grow if you freeze it!

 Abandon your pet forever.

List your pet for sale in the Bazaar.

Customizing Your Pet

The first thing you'll want to do is name your pet (and give it a description, if you'd like - it's completely optional!).

Click on the  icon to customize your pet.

After naming it and perhaps giving it a description, click "Update Pet!". Congrats, your first pet is now customized!

How to Earn ZC & ZP

PA's site currencies are Zodiac Crystals (ZC) and Zodiac Pearls (ZP).

Zodiac Crystals can be earned through various methods on the site. You can earn most of your ZC by clicking pets, entering and voting in the Pet Pageant or Avatar Pageant, selling pets in the Bazaar or Auction House, mining, and more!

Zodiac Pearls can be purchased from the Cash Shop (also located under the "Shopping" tab). ZP allows you to purchase pets from the ZP Pet Mall, purchase a premium membership for 5 ZP, and more!

What To Do After Following This Guide

After you've obtained your first pet, created an avatar, and bought some pets, you can...

Play games & collect tons of adorable pets!

Visit the Egg Drop once per hour for a FREE pet!

Dress your pets and compete in Pageants!

Customize your avatar and compete in Pageants!

Collect ZC in your mine!

Breed your pets once they reach their final level!

Go to the Abandoned Room on Saturdays and Sundays!

Click pets for ZC in the Click Nursery!

Post your pets on other sites so they can grow!

Unleash your creativity!

Create custom human avatar items for FREE!

Create custom pet clothing items for FREE!

Color your own (CYO) custom pet!

And most of all...