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The War of Ikebukuro

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You live Ikebukuro, one of most popular areas in Tokyo. You moved from your small town to the big city to escape your normal life. Well, nothing is normal in this town. There was a gang war between the Blue squares and the yellow Scarves, they both disappeared after that for a while though. If you go to school you go to Raira High, if you don't go to school, you do your daily job working for whoever. Now those two gangs are acting up again because of the presence of a new group, called the 'Dollars'. There are also rumors flying about about the 'Black motorcyclist', someone cloaked head-to-toe in a black suit who also rides a black motorcycle. No one knows who he or she is either. Now that your life isn't so normal.. Will this new life become as normal as your last one? Or will you keep it exciting?

Plot: Your child-hood friend asked you to move to Ikebukuro to go to school with them. This town has what you've been looking for, excitement. Well after hearing all this stuff from your friend after s/he finds you at the train station your scared, but still happy. Now after finding some stuff out after your first day you want to know the whole story behind your friends in Ikebukuro.


1-Forum Rules Apply

2-Follow Rules 4!!!!!! And also, I control Ikebukuro in the rp

3-This is my idea!! no stealy!!

4-Tell me if this is good in your other!

5-Don't copy and paste charries, add a little twist please =)

6-Tell me, have you ever heard of DRRR!! from before this?

7-I can add and delete things if I want later!!

7.3-Fighting is a big YAY but romance needs to fade to black. Please for all our minds

8-put 'DRRR!! is Awesome!!' in your other if you didn't read the rules

Sign Ups~

Name(Last then first):



Pic(Put in spoiler!!):


Personality(Just add a little something besides rp out):

Are you normal or no?(are you just a normal person with a cookie-cutter family and past or no):

History(NEEDED!!!! No 's/he won't say's or '...'s either!!):


Job or School(Simple, do you go to school, or do you have a job?):

member of(Opt):

Other(Delete parenthesis! ):

Accepted Charries~

Orihara Izaya~izaya_1.jpginformation broker

Kenjii Ceroske~YtvtdMDhx.oF4OWWIRAJUw--.jpeg School

Sezikuro Naitou~r2t5AAh2b0xeSEjCc1fAlQ--.jpegSchool/Debt Collector

Fukazawa Zero~1011395anime-guy-hair-eyes-31000.pngschool/other jobs

Noble Adam~adf66266401f30_full.pngSchool/Dojo instructor

Chika Daichi~869100_1281959012429.97res_480_300.jpgrandom job

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Name(Last then first): Fukazawa Zero

Age: 16

Gender: male

Pic(Put in spoiler!!):


crush: open

Personality: troublesom,bad tempered, but usally calm.

Are you normal or no?: no he's not normal whatso ever.

History: Born into a family of four. His older brother was very kind and since Zero's family always went on buisness trips,his brother raised him. One day after his older brother went to pick up Zero, a bunch of yanki's jumped Zero since he was all alone, and beat him so they could take his money and stuff because he was dressed really nice that day. After that,a bunch of gangs started to jump and beat him because they thought he was somehow conected to them. One day he was beat up so bad,when he was 14, a girl from a gang felt pity,and broguht him to the hospital. Zero soon became aquintinced with the girl and he made a deal that he would join her gang since she was so kind to him. She let him in and he got involed with "The DOllars". He became a secret yanki,living an aducated school life and beating up and fighting at nighttime. One day there was a big fight against a local gang,when Zero got into a very violent fight using wooden swords and bats. Zero got extremly bad brain damage and injuries. When the police came after hearing the rucuss Zero was nearly dead. After going tot eh hospital, his brother found out about him being a yanki,and left the family because of him. Zero soon became diagnosed with a sleeping disorder which would make him faint/fall asleep at random times of day. He had to in the overnight fighting with the gang unfortunatly,because they found out about his disorder. But he still is in good touch with them,and is still good friends with them,and helps them out when they need it,since he used to be one of their strongest members, he also trains with the younger members when he can.

enemies: any toher gang

Job or School: School, but he has an afterschool job working at a variety store near his home.

member of: The Dollars


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Name: Noble Adam

Age: 17

Gender: Male



crush: Open

Personality: Rather sarcastic and cynical, he rarely takes things seriously. Intelligent, although slightHe can be rather determined at times. Is not the person you want to mess with. RP the rest out.

Are you normal or no?: Not really

History: He had one younger sister, Yulia. She died when she was 14, after joining Blue Squares and getting killed in a gang war. Ever since she died, Adam swore to never join any gang. A couple years after her death, he earned his black belt in his Tai Quan Do class, and got a job at the dojo. The rest he won't say.

enemies: Too many to list.

Job or School: School during the day, but works at a dojo in the afternoons.

member of: None

Other: None ^^

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Name: Chika Daichi

Age: 15

Gender: female



crush: open

Personality: mysterious,confusing,shy, yanki-ish

Are you normal or no?: no

History: She was born in the streets,from a homeless mother who was in "The Dollars" unfortunately,her mother died from giving birth with otu any special attention, and from that point, "Dollars" openly welcomed Chika and broguht her tot he hospital with the mother,and they were both cetified as one dead and one new born. No one knew who the father was, so two of the gang memebers just signed their name on the form. Chika didn't go to school,since the gang didn't want her to,and they taught her everything out on the streets. Eventually,she became abit tired of being homeless,one day when she was wondering the streets at night,she saw a boy,probably a year older then him nearly dead on the streets,and she broguht him to the hospital,that was the point that she met Zero. They soon became friends,and she let him into the gang, she would conitnuelessly visit Zero's house,and he let use the washroom and she could clean herself. One day in a gang fight her good friend got hurt badly,near death, she hid behind some dumpsters,and watched. After weeks and weeks of waiting, She decided to go to the hosiptal Zero was probably at. She found out his weakness,and someone must have been watching them becaus they told Zero he could stay in contact with them and stay in the group,but he couldn't anymore ebcause of his disorder, it the group too weak. Chika's still in the group, and when she's not,she's a resident of Zero's house,takingf care of him. She also got a job at a cafe as a waitress.

enemies: other gangs.

Job or School: job.

member of: The Dollars


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All Accepted. Although no one really died, just really bad broken bones and stuff.... Oh well! There I go rambling again! ^^"

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ol there arent many human rpers on PA.. xD

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I would make another charrie, but it's annoying to make charries on iPods. If you really want me to, though, I will.

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