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Mining Guide

Welcome to the complete and updated guide to mining here on PA. This guide will strive to keep things as simple and as easy to understand as possible.


Chapter One: Building Your Mine

There is more to a mine then earning ZC. You can find pets in your mine or your trap. But all of this will be explained later in this tutorial!

Once you reach your new mine, you have to buy the land for it to be built on! Using the ZC given to you when you first sign up go and purchase the land. It costs 100 ZC to buy your land - go ahead and do it! It’s the best 100 ZC you will ever spend.

As you go to buy your land, it will ask you to name it. Go ahead and type a name in. Don’t worry, if you change your mind later, you can always change it.

Now your land has been purchased and your mine has been named! The first step is simple, but a little costly. Now, you have to go on and purchase all the necessary items to build up your mine and start mining.

First off, you will need to scroll down to the small list of buttons called "Places To Go & Things To Do" and select the "Mining Shop" button. This is your one-stop shop for everything you will need to mine!

You will need to purchase all of the items from Klondike Klem's before you are allowed to begin mining. Altogether, this will cost you 350 ZC. This, in total, makes your mine cost 450 ZC.

Not to worry! This is why you were given 2,000 ZC to begin with.

You will only see two items to start with to reach the next level. You can keep coming back to the shop to purchase more items until none are left. You will also notice as you do this, your mine will continue to grow and level up. This is exactly what you want!

When your mine reaches level 4, you will notice three new items appear in the shop. These are very special and explained in the next section. You can hold off on buying them for now.

Now your mine is built! Congratulations, you may now start to mine away! But first off... you may want to go and hire some security and help for your mine, you wouldn’t want something bad to happen to it after all your work! ;)


Chapter Two: Mining

Once you have built your mine, it is time to start mining! To mine, simply click on the crystal icon.

There are some different things that you can find in your mine! You will usually receive 0-20 of ZC, depending on whether or not you have hired help and security. If you are lucky, you might hit pay dirt, which will earn you tons of extra currency!

You can find Zodiac Crystals (or sometimes no Zodiac Crystals at all!).

Lastly, you can find treasure chests and keys. Note that you can only keep one treasure chest at a time, and to unlock the chest, you must find the right key.

If you do not pay for security, others can work in your mine. This is called claim jumping. You will know if a mine has no security and available to claim jump when a crystal is present in the entrance to the mine.

If you have found a user to claim jump, you will have to search for the crystal to successfully earn some ZC.

Fortunately, your trap and any possible trapped animals are safe from other users.

Sometimes during mining, you may land on a special page. These appear randomly with many different outcomes.

You can find portals while mining if you are lucky! But remember to be careful... if you enter a portal, the portal may collapse on you, which will cause you to lose your energy! On the other hand, you could enter a mysterious cavern and get to pick a pet of Ethereal rarity from a different realm.

You will be given four options, out of these eggs:

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Only one is correct. If you choose incorrectly, you will leave empty-handed!

Choosing the correct egg will result in you with a new pet!

Mining can also give you the chance of finding exclusive adoptables. These eggs can only be caught with a dart gun and the correct dart. Read on to find out about catching these critters!


Chapter Three: Cliffs

Unfortunately, you can tumble off a ledge while mining. If this happens you will lose all of your energy. After your fall, you are allowed to visit the hospital to receive more energy. The doctor will offer you 5 energy for 50 ZC.


Chapter Four: Eggs

Now that you have your mine up and running, it's time to learn about finding eggs in your mine and trap!

You can find all kinds of exclusive eggs in your mine and trap. It is one of the easiest ways to find pets! All that's required is some bait for your trap and some darts and a dart gun for any eggs you uncover in your mine.

Using the trap in your mine is nice and easy. The first step is to scroll down to your menu of buttons in your mine and visit the "Bait Shop".

Now that you’re inside the Bait Shop, you will notice three different kinds of bait to place inside your trap.

Chicken is a great option to get a variety of pets. Steaks are more likely to attract Mountain Lions. Finally, nuts will attract hamsters.

I would suggest starting with chicken, as this is a very well-rounded option. Go ahead and purchase a piece! You will then be asked if you would like to manage your trap. Definitely go and do that!

Finally, you will be asked to equip the trap with your bait. Go and select the little circle and press add bait! It's easy!

Now that your trap is baited, all you have to do is wait! We suggest visiting your trap 9 hours after baiting it. It's been found that this is the best time to find a pet inside your trap!

You can see how long it has been since you baited your trap on the main page of your mine.

Come back and visit your trap in 9 hours, and you might just find a surprise waiting for you inside! If a pet is waiting for you, you will see an egg, meaning you will have to restock the trap. If not, your bait may have been stolen by a hungry intruder. This will force you to restock as well. Sometimes, you will find your bait is still there. This is lucky, and means you just have to wait another 9 hours.

Using your trap is not a foolproof way of catching pets - however, it is a fun and cheap way to do so!

Despite the laid back nature of catching pets in your trap, there is another way to get yourself some more pets whilst you are down in your mine - the use of darts and a dart gun.

Darts allow you to capture pets when they appear in front of you while you are mining. However, in order to capture them, you not only need to buy darts, but you also must train with them. This is essential for capturing a pet this way. Of course, you will need a dart gun first!

Before you can get some darts you need to get yourself a dart gun to shoot them with. You can find the dart gun and darts in the "Extra Items Shop".

When you first access the shop, you will see the dart gun for sale up the very top for a price of 150 ZC. Go ahead and buy it!

Now that you have your dart gun, you can return to this shop and purchase some darts.

In order to start using darts to catch some pets, you need to buy them! You can do this by locating the Extra Items Shop where you purchased your Dart Gun from.



Now you will find a list of all the different darts you can buy along with their price and which particular pet they will help you capture. Purchase whatever darts you can afford for now; you can work on getting them all later.


With your new dart, you are almost ready to go ahead and capture some pets while mining. However, there is one final step. You need to do some dart training; otherwise, purchasing the darts will be a waste.



The more you train with a certain type of dart, the more likely you are to capture a pet when firing at it. Now that you have your first dart, you can begin training. Go to your mine and locate the Training Center at the bottom of the page.


When you go inside the Training Center, you will be asked which dart you would like to train with. For this example, we are using the red dart! Go ahead and select the dart you wish to train with. However, you need to keep in mind that training requires 50ZC, 5 energy and will take 24 hours to complete.


That is all there really is to it! As you keep training with each dart, your accuracy with that type of dart will increase by 10%. So all you have to do is keep coming back every day and train up. Then, after a while, you will have a guarantee of capturing that type of pet.



Thanks for reading!

I hope you all enjoyed this guide put together by KankuroLuvsYuki and BudgieBirdie! If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to drop them or a moderator a message on the forum! We are all here to help you on your journey to becoming an active member of our community.